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5 Simple Tricks To Make Every Pound Count

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably been sold to a hundred times. And not in a nice way…There’s ads online for everything, from cooking courses and pool floats, you might even see an ad to buy an elephant, but why are they all there?.

Companies run ad campaigns with typically 1 purpose in get people to buy their product…

But with millions of people to potentially reach out to, ad campaigns can be very difficult to make, especially to make right.

With so much complexity built into Meta’s advertising platform, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. To avoid this, I’m going to share one of the first checklists I used to follow when creating any ad campaign.

1. Define Your Objectives

Running an ad campaign is like building a house.

You need a design, a plan, a strategy before you even think about laying foundations. 

So you first need to ask yourself:

“What do I want to get by running these ads?”

There’s no wrong answers… 

..Every business has different desires for marketing. You may want to get more clients this month, get more people to view your website, or even promote your brand. 

No matter your answer, you need an objective, an end goal in mind before you start.

2. Don’t Be A Blind Man Playing Darts

You have hundreds of options to choose from with ad targeting, hundreds of settings to fiddle with in order to hone in on your perfect audience.

This can be overwhelming, and the little ‘Boost’ button can be tempting..but please use targeting to your advantage, it will save you £1000’s in the long run.

You can test ads against each other, run multiple ads at once, and even target a specific audience down to their exact location and interests.

Aim BEFORE throwing.

The ability to target people, means you are going to be able to show your product or service to the exact person it’s intended for. 


3. Catch Peoples’ Attention

Running ads can be similar to a game of "Where’s Waldo".

There are tonnes of businesses running ads that look extremely similar. While you may think it's a good thing to blend in, to match your competitors, it’s actually not. You need to stick out like a sore thumb…

4. Testing, Hello?

Test, Test, Test and… Test again.

After putting together your “perfect” ad, it’s time to run it. Long story short, it’s likely not going to go how you would like it. And that’s okay!

You don’t need to be super successful the first time around.

You can keep testing, infinitely, with things like headlines, body text or even the background colour of an image. 

With every small adjustment, you’ll be able to see what exactly your audience is interest in, what they’re looking for, what they value and what makes them want to buy from YOU!

5. Monitor Your Performance

“When performance is measured, performance improves.”

Even the simple act of checking to see the amount of leads you’ve got this week, is performance monitoring.

If you stay consistent with this, and check every week or even every day. Soon it will become effortless and areas for improvement will scream out to you and you’ll feel like a marketing god!

What matters is that you pay attention and act accordingly to minimise the amount of wasted ad budget, your hard-earned cash,

What now?

Well, now it’s time to put together your very first, proper, ad campaign.

Don’t sweat it though, if you run into any trouble whatsoever, get in contact with us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a solution.

Speak soon


P.s Having trouble getting your ads in front of the right people? Or wondering what to say? Get in touch here for a no-obligation chat on how we can help: 

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