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How NOT to Waste Money Selling to the World

Updated: Jun 14

We are taught from the very beginning in business that SUCCESSFUL companies do their marketing with a mass audience. And generally, this is also what most businesses do. This isn’t suitable for us, especially if we want to make a profit. In this article, I will tell you how you can plan your next marketing campaign to get way better results.

-Heinz marketing team…

‘’I sell to everyone’’

‘’Everybody is my customer’’

Mass Marketing Mayhem

We’re taught and raised with what I like to call ‘marketing mayhem’, raising the profile of your brand, making customers obviously say…

“Oh, I remember these colours, these beans must be good for me”

As small businesses, this isn’t right for us, we don’t have a billion dollars to throw into ad spend, there’s a reason why Heinz can do that, but you, like me, a business owner who doesn’t have a billion in their pocket, can’t.


TH Results: Explaining to understand what people want. This is a picture of a cat looking very curious.

What do People Want?

Everybody has a UNIQUE opinion, a unique outlook on what’s good and what’s bad.

However, like your local book club, often groups of people will gather together based on shared interests. And like the latest edition of '50 Shades', they’ll probably also all buy the same things.

You should talk to your target customer in THEIR language:

  • How do they speak?

  • What kind of people are they?

They need to feel as if they’re understood/accepted when they see your marketing appear on their phone, and it’s hard to do this if you’re trying to please everyone.

Unless you’re selling something EVERYONE needs, like air, or sunlight…

Read reviews from your clients, read reviews of your competitors and other companies' clients, and look at top competitors in your same niche as you and how they do marketing.

When showing up for your first client call, or visiting to provide a quote, it’s always good if you already know some background information about them.

You don’t have to know everything, their Nans name, their cat's favourite toy.

You just need to know what relates to them, understand where they’re coming from, what’s frustrating them.

The Lemon Sherbet

The bitter pill to swallow is that; no single product appeals to absolutely everyone. And it was hard for me to accept this, I thought that everyone would have wanted what I had to offer…

If you want to disappear into Google, and throw your money into the abyss, then target everyone.

Talk soon,


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