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How To Dramatically Improve Your Sales By Easily Adding Humour.

Are you afraid of trying to show your audience your true personality? Same here 🙌 I’m going to share a hack with you, that only a handful of other business owners are succeeding with, seeing a spike in sales and client interactions as a result.

“Humour has a universal appeal for making content viral”

Ok, so most viral content has some humour in it. Is humour the new normal for making people remember your product? Or is it just another trend that’ll go out of fashion, remember heelies?

Humour can be a great tool for cutting ad costs and getting people to remember your brand, but if not done right, it can do more harm than good. 

The seriousness of what you’re saying can get lost as soon as you show the ‘fun side’ of your business.

It’s NOT a 1-size fits all kind of deal.  

Nobody wants to be a clown or a court jester, unable to get your message across without losing the importance of your message.

A court jester, representing the potential downsides of adding humour into your advertising, as explained by TH Results Marketing

Let’s Start With Some Inspiration

Humour is a pretty complex topic, with over 7 billion of us, there are one or two different opinions about what’s funny and what’s not...

Check these out and see what you think. Are they funny, or did they miss the mark?

Dollar Shave Club: A brand that broke the internet.

Old Spice: Who doesn’t want to smell like that?

The humour worked so well in these ads, and here’s why:

  • With a clear call to action for the audience, they made sales.

  • They were relatable, picking on common pain points for their perfect audiences.

  • They saved money! By going viral they reached a wide organic audience.

  • The brands, and the products, became memorable. Check out how similar the messaging is a decade later on the Dollar Shave Clubs’ website.

I’m Not Old Spice- What Can I Do?

The humour you use, especially if you’re just starting out, should be simple enough so that almost everyone who sees it, will easily understand it. If not, your point can be completely missed.

You’ve got to know your audience, what one person may find funny, another may not. Here’s 4 key rules to start you off with:

  • Avoid being offensive

  • Avoid controversial topics

  • Be respectful of cultures

  • Match your brand personality

Don’t worry, I’m not advising you to take your brand to the local comedy club, you don’t have to prepare a script or flip-book of one-liners.

Instead, mix up the content you put out on your socials or website:

  • Memes

  • Personification (like putting a squirrel in a suit), people love this kind of thing

  • ‘Good’ exaggeration

The energy you’ll bring by doing all this will DIFFUSE your buyer's worries, making them less concerned, less nervous, and way more likely to buy from you. 

Mean everything you say, and keep your humour relatable, not offensive; we are people, selling to people.


Remember - if you’re at all doubtful that your humour will come across in a negative way, just steer clear of it for this time. There will be another chance to shine.

Humour can be powerful and make your brand memorable. So consider trying to inject some humour into your next ad or post.

Creating humorous content in blogs on your website is a great way to attract more clients, and build memory and laughter into your brand. 

We can help you to define your perfect audience, and give you a head start on how to write engaging and trustworthy content.

Speak soon, Thomas

P.S. If you want us to review your marketing plan for free and suggest improvements, get in touch here:

And if you’re looking to attract more clients using Meta ads, download our free guide here: Meta Ads Guide.

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