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How to Skyrocket Your Sales by Lowering Customer Risk

Most small business owners unknowingly scare away potential customers, actually, no... Almost all business owners, salespeople and marketers do!

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But I made this mistake for YEARS... I’m going to explain how fixing this one issue can drastically improve your sales, let’s get into it.

The Marriage 

Imagine you’re interested in someone. You approach them and say:

 "Hi, I think you're wonderful. Let's get married next Tuesday." 

This approach is way too forward for 2024 and would likely result in a swift rejection and restraining order...

Instead, you would start by getting to know them: 

“Would you like to grab a coffee?” 

Slowly but surely, you build a connection. If there’s a mutual interest, then small steps can eventually lead to a serious relationship.

This principle applies to everything in sales. How?

Fixing Hidden Hurdles

When working with clients selling high-ticket items or services, my first question is:

“What does your current offer in your ads look like?” 

Psst. . . I already know the answer, as I’ve stalked their social pages and Google ads, but it’s so valuable to hear it straight from the source.

Often, they’re pushing high-priced services right off the bat with a “BUY NOW” or “BOOK NOW” button. 

Which is pretty similar to proposing to a stranger.

If your offer is pretty substantial, you don’t want to scare potential lifetime customers away with a high-stakes decision. It’s like saying, “Get a million pounds by donating your kidney.” That's a big ask, and it deters people from taking any action.

A picture of hurdles, signifying strategies for businesses to tackle challenges to get more clients.

Using the Low-Threshold Offers that nobody else does

The solution is this—start with offers that require little or no risk from the customer. Here’s an example:


Imagine you’re selling bespoke kitchens. Instead of ending your ad with:

“Buy now and give us a call” could say...

“Fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you.”


“Fill out this form to download our FREE CABINET COLOUR GUIDE, and we’ll get back to you”


“While you wait for us to get in touch, check out our articles on building the perfect kitchen, and the biggest mistakes to avoid”


This approach is low-risk for the customer and much easier for them to agree to. Once they’ve taken this small step, you can gradually guide them towards a sale.

And for your peace of mind, if they’ve filled out your form, then they’re probably 50% sure that they want to buy from you, which is awesome!

By implementing low-threshold offers, you can significantly increase your conversion rates.

Talk soon, 


P.S. If you want us to review your marketing plan and suggest improvements, get in touch here: And if you’re looking to attract more clients using Meta ads, download our free guide here: Meta Ads Guide.

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