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A Landing Page Trick To Make Clients Choose You Every Time

Updated: May 26

Like most things in business, making a landing page can feel like a huge task! A website, an email list, an ad campaign, a logo, email addresses…all of that stuff is front-loaded. But, the rewards are great! It only gets easier from here…I want to teach you the simple trick I learned to get my prospects to choose me, every time.

Learning to walk? Very front-loaded! You pay the price of falling flat on your face a thousand times but you benefit from it for the rest of your life.

The same thing goes for setting up winning landing pages, which are very front-loaded, but will make you the best choice over your competitors.

In business, most people try to get through the front-loaded tasks in the quickest way possible, which is to get product placement, or an offer, as quickly as possible, to get money from your customer.

I was taught this as well, early on in my career, and I’ve worked with many businesses that also follow this approach:

  • They get a client through the door, they try to sell them something.

  • They have a prospect expressing an interest, they try to sell them something.

“But if we don’t sell them something now, we will never make money from them”


I’m here to help you to keep your eyes on the reward. Giving up walking is unacceptable, and so is giving up on making the perfect landing page for your clients.

We want:

  • Increased lifetime client value

  • New, engaged clients

The fact that you’re here reading this, already tells me that you’re not giving up on the reward, so let’s get you there…

The Lifecycle Of A Customer

This can often be as daunting as working out how long you can scratch a cats’ belly for…

“Does it want scratching?”

“Why can I scratch it now, but it bit me earlier?”

“Where even is my cat?”

The reason that a potential client, your perfect client, (let’s call them our ‘prospect’) ends up in a PROCESS scrolling through Google, or in a spiral of Meta ads is typically due to 1 reason:

  1. They have realised that they need to fix a problem that they have

The problem, could be that they need a new Swimming Pool so that they can look cool in front of their neighbours..


..They need training for their new parrot that won’t stop swearing in front of their children..

A problem is simply something that develops a need for something, an itch.

We, as people offering services or products, that might scratch that itch, need to get in early on the prospect's PROCESS, right at the point where they are looking for solutions.

The Purchasing Processes

For a bottle of water, yes, the process could be very simple:

  • Step 1: Feel Dehydrated — PROBLEM

  • Step 2: Buy Water (mostly all water is the same) — SOLUTION

  • Step 3: Drink Water — HAPPY CUSTOMER

But to take care of their parrot, this will end up being a whole journey, starting with:

“I need to do something about this parrot”

They will start by trying to fix their problem on their own, and when this fails, for one reason or another, maybe the parrot speaks French? They will then start searching online, looking for help..

..This is our prime opportunity, our time to strike, but if we can’t speak French either, then they won’t be interested in what you have to offer.

I’m here to teach you the skill of speaking any language to a customer…

Here’s Where You Can Beat Your Competition

Imagine this, your parrot is driving you crazy, it’s been screaming for 3 hours straight, and this ad pops up on your Instagram feed:

..You think great, this sounds like this is exactly what I need, so you tap on the little ‘Learn More’ button which takes you to a landing page and BAM!


..99% of people, don’t buy the course…but sometimes it’s odd to understand why, they have the solution right there, but they don't want it.

Let me explain..

“No one cares about how much you know

Until they know how much you care”

By caring, I don’t expect you to go and look after their parrot whilst they’re away in Greece for a week.

All you need to do is to exchange value, in the early stages of interacting with this new prospect:

  • Instead of saying: “Buy my course for £500”

  • You say: “Here’s a Free guide I made, that gives you 3 steps to keep your parrot quiet"

After reading your Free guide, and receiving value from you, some prospects may not go all the way to deciding to work with you. 

But those that do, have a much better perception of you and the VALUE you bring, allowing you to retain them for longer and offer repeat business to them, to fix more of their problems.

Now, the front-loaded part, but I think you’re ready for this…

Making A Landing Page That Wins

You’ve already aced how to beat your competitors, by now knowing how to exchange value, so let's make the PROCESS for your prospect, as butter-smooth as possible.

It starts with your Ad, showing what you do, and how you resolve people's specific problems (we’ll cover that in another chat)...

Then is your Landing Page, this is your squeeze page, your golden goose, this is where you win by placing access to your Free Guide. 

Simplicity is key here, you only need to start with 3 elements:

Headline | Sub-Head | Opt-In Method

“Value return? But when do I get value from the prospect?”

Value To You

The value from a prospect who knows how much you care is immeasurable, but in order to access the Free Guide, they have to enter their e-mail address to receive it. BINGO!

Then they will move onto a Confirmation Page, letting them know you’re grateful for offering the value exchange, and possibly the opportunity to up-sell them on another service you have.

Value To You

When they get to your Confirmation Page, your event tracking will trigger. Now you can measure your Landing Page’s success, and track what does and doesn’t work.

To make the front-loading as soft as possible, start simple, start quick. In the future you can keep on improving by adding photos, banners, popcorn, you name it. but for now, for your first landing page, keep it simple, keep it winning and exchange value.

Talk soon,


P.s Having trouble crafting the perfect message to hook your customer? Or looking to get more prospects on your Landing Page? Get in touch here for a no-obligation chat on how we can help: 

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