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The Time Travelling Trick

Updated: May 26

Who’s seriously got time to wait for new clients to appear?

Too often I hear from businesses that have been told to wait for new clients to find them:

“You’ve got a logo now, so people will start to find you”

There is a time and a place for waiting on your perfect client, but I’m yet to find it….I want to introduce you to a strategy that will make a serious difference to the number of new clients you will get, every month. Getting your product, your service, and your business to the right people, without wasting your time and money: direct marketing.

What is Direct Marketing?

The little adverts on fuel pump handles - direct marketing

The promo videos that appear in your Facebook feed - direct marketing

The emails that flood your inbox - direct marketing

These are so familiar to almost all of us, but most of the time, you’ll completely gloss over whatever has been put in front of you, as most people like to waste their money…

A fuel station point showing where direct marketing can be displayed.

Why Direct Marketing Works?

Unlike inbound marketing, or building your brand’s ‘image’. Direct marketing is all about precision. You target specific groups of consumers who are likely to buy your products, whether they’ve shown interest before or fit your target audience.

Here’s why it’s INVALUABLE for small businesses:

  • Targeted Audience: You can use real-time data to target the exact people most likely to respond to your ad, increasing the chances of making a sale.

  • Personalised Message: Nothing feels better than seeing something and feeling like “THIS PERSON GETS ME”! Direct marketing can get your target audience to feel this buzz, automatically making whatever ad you put in front of them, more engaging.

  • SPEED: Unlike strategies like ‘brand awareness’... direct marketing, will get you clients, and fast! 

Types of Direct Marketing

There’s a lot to choose from, and it took me years to filter through to the ones that actually get results, let’s go through them:

  • Direct Mail: Traditional but still effective, what feels better than opening a letter, targeted exactly for you, for your needs?

  • Email: This used to be the most popular method, blasting messages to your list of potential clients/customers.

  • Texts: The chance of someone opening a WhatsApp from you is higher than every other method. Make sure your message is short, to the point and has a DIRECT call to action for your perfect client.

  • Social Media Ads: This is my all-time favourite, precision to the max. Get right in front of your perfect client as they’re scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.

  • Cold Calling: Honestly this isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, if you’re confident in your services and yourself, you can make some great connections this way.

  • In-Person Selling: This isn’t just door-to-door sales. Events, conferences, roadshows you name it, but nothing beats a connection like face-to-face.

“But does it actually make me money?”

When I posted my first ad on Facebook I was pretty sceptical, it was for an old e-commerce store I had set up around a decade ago.

On the one hand, I thought that if I paid for an ad, then surely it would give me money back!

On the other hand, I didn’t actually know where I was sending the money…

The result? 

For the amount I put in, I didn’t make any sales.

The reason?

I had targeted every woman in the UK between the ages of 18 and 65… expecting all of them to want the product I was selling.

“I have the best product, people will want it”

Wrong, but also partly true.

Yes, you might actually have the best product, but it will only be the best product for the right people.

How to Time Travel

Direct marketing is such a powerful tool for small businesses, looking to reach the right audience quickly and make sales with the right people. It will knock literal years off from achieving your revenue goals, compared to other indirect methods. 

If you don’t believe me, give it a try? You’ll be surprised at how good your return on ad spend can be!

By personalising your messages and accurately targeting specific groups, areas or interests, you can make every marketing pound count, without having to wait years to get results.

If you're ready to see how direct marketing can transform your business, let's chat. 

Speak soon,


P.S. Want to run any of your marketing material past me, to make sure you're getting the right message to the right people? 

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