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The Glass Slipper of Marketing - Make Your Clients Want You

Updated: Jun 14

A super expensive mistake many businesses make… is running ads for years with super wide audiences. Meta and Google allow you to target your BEST buyers for the perfect leads. So why miss out on that? I’ll tell you how to avoid this common mistake and get more leads with the same ad budget.

“You Can’t Go to The Ball Looking Like That” 

We’re taught everywhere that good marketing is about “reach”, “brand identity” or “mass awareness.”

The idea is that we reach out to everyone… so “someone” may buy.

No matter who they are, where they’re from, or if they’d even be interested in buying our product. 

For example, the detergent ads you see on television. Or car ads showing off how big of a sunroof you could have. 

But, we don’t do that here.

We have to be attractive to your ideal client, we have to be their ‘type’.

We don’t burn our money trying to get the entire planet to appreciate the way our offer looks…

…Instead, we must first understand that our buyers ALWAYS have ‘common traits’ that influence their buying decisions. 

Could be an age bracket, an income bracket, something they may love, or hate, the way they speak..this list goes on…

When you give the right impression to the right people, the slipper FITS, you get more responses and increase the amount of sales you make. 

Meta and Google allow you to target your BEST buyers for the perfect leads. So why miss out on that?

Research Your People


The first thing we do with all our clients when running ads is dedicate time to researching the right audience, understanding the buyer's pain points, and desires and narrowing it down as much as we can. 

It takes a lot of work, but once you get this part right, I guarantee you, the results will be pretty mind-blowing, like you’ve just learned a new magic trick.

So how do we get started with this?

Reviews and Competition

The first step here would be to see how your audience talks, and what’s important to them. 

The easiest way to figure out what your perfect clients are looking for would be to talk to your existing clients and get reviews from them. 

It’s direct, powerful and gets results fast

If you do not have a handful of clients already, it is going to be difficult to get a fair idea of their interests and problems. 

In this case, it’s time to go full spy mode…

…check in on your competitors who are performing well, and check their reviews. This could be through sites like; Google, Amazon, or Trustpilot.  

You need to get answers to these questions. 

  • How does my audience talk, what is their LANGUAGE? 

  • How important is my product/service to them?

  • What OFFER do they like the most? 

  • What message would they most likely reply to? 

This would give you ALL the information to draw them into your business. 

But that’s not all. Meta and Google need to know who these people are. So here’s the next step. 

Narrow Down on Demographics 

There are hundreds. I mean it, HUNDREDS, of different audience options you can find on ad platforms, and we’d be happy to take a look at yours and recommend exactly what to select contact us here

Now, here are some of the most effective ones to look into first: 

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Income Range

  • Company Size

  • Number of Kids

  • Interests

The more “right” information you fill in, the better your marketing will perform.

For example, let’s say you run a skin clinic, and you’re running an ad for people with acne to visit you for effective treatment and instant relief. 

You first ask, ” Who” has acne, “wants to get rid of it?” and “can” visit you.  

And for this, your answer could be: [ 18-24 years old | within 10 miles ]

Why? They have the highest chance of having acne, being annoyed about it ruining their love life, and willing to hop on a bike to come and sort it out with you.

Using this mindset, you can narrow down your audience to get more MONEY IN for the same Ad Spend. 

And that’s exactly what I want you to get. 

Speak soon,


P.S. If you want us to review your current audience and suggest improvements, get in touch here: And if you’re looking to attract more clients using Meta ads, download our free guide here: Meta Ads Guide.

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