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Websites are a waste of time…right?

I’m always surprised when I’m checking out services in my local area, I was looking for a new sofa the other week, and I remember driving past a store that caught my eye, I think they had a bright blue dining table? When I tried to find them online to check the prices, nothing…

..but instead of driving back out to the store, for much less effort on my part, I just googled another furniture store and made a purchase elsewhere.

We’ve all been there, right?

Now think about how it feels on the other side, wondering why so many people buy from your customers...

I actually went and chatted to the guy who owned the store:

“How do you make people buy from you”

“I have a bright blue table in my window”!

I could see the reaction in their eyes:

No website, no digital footprint.

In an instant, you lose credibility, and that customer moves on to a competitor who is easy to find online.

You're left wondering how many more opportunities have slipped away because your business isn't visible on the internet.

a blue sofa that I saw and tried to buy, but couldn't find their website

The solution is simple and powerful: invest in a professionally designed website, that makes people buy from you.

It’s a great move to make, trust me, and will give your business value for years to come!

A website is for life, not just for Christmas.

Unfortunately, they’re not just set and forget…

..What people search for now, is a world away from what they will have searched for last year.

This means you have to keep your content fresh, relevant, and eye-catching.

The most important thing though, your website need to generate leads, to land you clients, to give people the easiest experience possible to reach out to your or buy from you.

Digital Marketing

Your website will quickly become the centre for all of your online marketing efforts.

It’s where SEO, social media, and paid advertising campaigns come together. Driven straight to a display of YOUR:

  • Capabilities

  • Past projects

  • Testimonials

  • Pricing

  • Products

By driving people to your super slick website, you can hook your ideal client onto your image and skills, making you the only obvious option to move forward with.

Even if paid advertising isn’t in your immediate plans, setting up a strong online presence now, sets you up for success down the line, it’s worth it.

Your Customers Expect It

In today's world, a website is something that people are going to look for, as soon as they see or hear about your products or services.

Done right, they can be a game changer, done wrong, they can be frustrating and put you in the NO pile.

It's NOT Yellow

Remember when the only ads we saw were on TV or in newspapers, I even think I have a yellow pages somewhere in my garage!

Those days are gone.

Now, people research online before making a purchase, a lot. Some will even look around for months before committing to a purchase.

Your website is as vital as your business card, making the first impression on potential customers.

Saving You Time

Your website runs 24/7, and it can answer almost every question your potential customers have, without you having to do anything at all.

All the missed calls you’ve had, and people who don’t get back to your emails, can be almost completely solved by directing people to your website.

The most successful sites I’ve seen have dedicated FAQ sections, dealing with all the typical asks from your customers.

Check out your competitors, what kind of website do they have?

Talk soon,


P.s Having trouble crafting the perfect message to hook your customer? Or looking to get more prospects on your website? Get in touch here for a no-obligation chat, to see how we can help: 

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